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Daily Editorial for Mains 01 Jul 2022

Daily Editorial For Mains | RaghukulCS 01 July 2022 Friday Indian Polity Index Table of Contents Law against Defection: Even after the Tenth Schedule was added to the Constitution in 1985, parliamentarians in Indian legislatures are still prohibited from switching political parties while serving in office. Commonly referred to as the “Anti-Defection Law,” it was

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Daily Mains Newsletter for UPSC 01 Jul 2022

Daily Mains Newsletter For UPSC | RaghukulCS 01 July 2022 – Friday Index Table of Contents Day of National Statistics In News, why? Every year on June 29th, India celebrates National Statistics Day to recognise the accomplishments and contributions of the late Professor and Scientist Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in the fields of economic planning and