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Daily Current affairs Quiz for UPSC
daily current affairs quiz

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 Jan 2022

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 Jan 2022

Mentorship Program 2021

RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program

RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program for UPSC Aspirants UPSC prelims 2020 has shattered the dreams of many, but what is the root problem- is it the UPSC or us? You cannot blame UPSC since they just have to reject candidates and therefore they can throw anything , the only thing that we can do is

UPSC Prelims 2020

UPSC Prelims 2020 Rapid Revision course

Click Here for Registration  (Click on advanced if it shows SSL error) -Features- 📌Classes will be 5 per topic (10 hours in total) 📌PDF Notes will be provided- Only 50 pages per topic 📌Since it’s a revision class, so we will cover 100 most important topics per subject 📌Economic Survey and Budget included 📌 Alternative

Ethics Course

Ethics Course Details

Join Telegram channel Ethics Course Details It is time to know about your strength and weaknesses , if you are weak in prelims study that, if you are weak in optional go for it, but in this time of uncertanity you should pick up short topics like Essay Ethics or some portion of your optional.

Ethics Course

Ethics Course and Test Series

Join Telegram Since UPSC prelims is delayed and time between your prelims and mains might reduce due to CORONA Virus issue, it’s not a time to relax, watch netflix or Amazon Prime. A serious candidate whose aim is to become IAS or IPS or IFS or IRS will be working extra hard to make sure

Essay Test series

Essay Test Series for UPSC

We are getting a lot of messages and email regarding Mains test series, see it will be too early to start, what we want is basically to create a market place for checkers and students. See the problem is that most of the major institutions they hire students to check your copies, sometimes these are