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Polity Rapid Revision 2021 | Part 1

Polity Rapid Revision 2021 | Part 1 | Covering Laxmikant Through Mindmaps| RaghukulCS

Polity Rapid Revision 2021 | Part 1​ #UPSC​ #raghukulCS​ Join the telegram Channel for regular updates and content:​ Visit website –​ This is part 1 of Polity Rapid Revision Marathon Series for UPSC Prelims 2021 and other competitive Exams. Timestamps : 00:00​ – Introduction 02:30​ – How to read Laxmikant for Indian

Download all NCERT Books for UPSC preparation

Download NCERT Books for UPSC NCERT Books – History NCERT Books – Geography NCERT Books- Polity NCERT Books – Science NCERT Books – Maths (For CSAT) NCERT Books – Economics and Social Issues Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp Share on email Share on telegram

UPSC CSAT 2021 Course

Hello UPSC Aspirants, Welcome to RaghukulCS. Last year (UPSC Prelims 2020) was a tragic year for many, We personally know many candidates who scored more than 110+ in paper 1 but their dream of writing mains and becoming an IAS shattered after the results. Year after Year UPSC is making CSAT really hard, so much

Download all UPSC CSE Previous Year Question Papers

UPSC CSE Prelims Previous Year Questions Papers 2020 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2019 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2018 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2017 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2016 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2015 GS Paper 1 GS Paper 2(CSAT) 2014 GS Paper 1 GS Paper

UPSC Mains 2020 GS paper 1

UPSC Mains 2020 GS Paper 1 Q.1) The rock-cut architecture represents one of the most important sources of our knowledge of early Indian art and history. Discuss. (Answer in 150 words)Q.2) Pala period is the most significant phase in the history of Buddhism in India. Enumerate. (Answer in 150 words)Q.3) Evaluate the policies of Lord Curzon and

Ethics course 2021

Thank You for the amazing response to the previous batches where more than 500 students got enrolled in Ethics course. Taking it forward we are now announcing a new initiative where you will learn Ethics through Answer writing. Following are the details with respect to this programme. Daily answer writing and Evaluation cover entire course

Rapid Revision Batch for UPSC Prelims 2021

Join the most comprehensive batch for UPSC Prelims 2021 with team RaghukulCS. For every subject you have a team of subject experts who have vast experience in UPSC field. Starting from 15th Jan. Features 1- module specific courses for static portion 2- ncerts and basic books will be covered 3- previous year questions covered 4-

CSAT comprehensive course 2021

Do you know that many people last year who scored 110+ were not able to write mains! Why? It is because CSAT is becoming more of a game changer nowadays in prelims. We ran a 15 days course last year and got a tremendous response as a result of which we are launching CSAT comprehensive course

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