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Mains Syllabus UPSC 2021

General Studies-I General Studies-I Click Here General Studies-II General Studies-II Click Here General Studies-III General Studies-III Click Here General Studies-IV General Studies-IV Click Here UPSC Prelims Syllabus –

UPSC Syllabus General Studies-IV

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude This paper will include questions to test the candidates’ attitude and approach to issues relating to integrity, probity in public life and his problem solving approach to various issues and conflicts faced by him in dealing with society. Questions may utilise the case study approach to determine these aspects. The following

UPSC Syllabus General Studies-III

(Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management) Indian Economy and issues relating to Planning, Mobilization of Resources, Growth, Development and Employment. Inclusive Growth and issues arising from it. Government Budgeting. Major Crops – Cropping Patterns in various parts of the country, – Different Types of Irrigation and Irrigation Systems; Storage, Transport and Marketing

UPSC Syllabus General Studies-II

(Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations) Indian Constitution—Historical Underpinnings, Evolution, Features, Amendments, Significant Provisions and Basic Structure. Functions and Responsibilities of the Union and the States, Issues and Challenges Pertaining to the Federal Structure, Devolution of Powers and Finances up to Local Levels and Challenges Therein. Separation of Powers between various organs Dispute Redressal

UPSC Syllabus General Studies-I

(Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society) Indian Culture – Salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times. Modern Indian History from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present- significant events, personalities, issues. The Freedom Struggle — its various stages and important contributors/contributions from

Mentorship Program 2021

RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program

RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program for UPSC Aspirants UPSC prelims 2020 has shattered the dreams of many, but what is the root problem- is it the UPSC or us? You cannot blame UPSC since they just have to reject candidates and therefore they can throw anything , the only thing that we can do is

Current Affairs

DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS UPSC | 20th October 2020 | RaghukulCS

Editorial Analysis 20th October 2020 Editorial Analysis > The NEET challenge As NEET progresses, States must take affirmative action to protect weaker sections Mains (GS-II : Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health,Education, Human Resources, Ethics) [This article focuses on how maintaining the quality of the examination by various means

Current Affairs

DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS UPSC | 19th October 2020 | RaghukulCS

Editorial Analysis Agricultural bills will provide legal framework for contract-farming – And it will benefit everyone — farmers, industry and consumers. Mains (GS-III : Agriculture, transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraint, supply chain management) Introduction: A farmer in Maharashtra lives in a coastal region, Yet he chooses to plant cheap

Ethics Course

Ethics Course Details

Join Telegram channel Ethics Course Details It is time to know about your strength and weaknesses , if you are weak in prelims study that, if you are weak in optional go for it, but in this time of uncertanity you should pick up short topics like Essay Ethics or some portion of your optional.

Ethics Course

Ethics Course and Test Series

Join Telegram Since UPSC prelims is delayed and time between your prelims and mains might reduce due to CORONA Virus issue, it’s not a time to relax, watch netflix or Amazon Prime. A serious candidate whose aim is to become IAS or IPS or IFS or IRS will be working extra hard to make sure