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CSAT comprehensive course 2021
Do you know that many people last year who scored 110+ were not able to write mains! Why?
 It is because CSAT is becoming more of a game changer nowadays in prelims. We ran a 15 days course last year and got a tremendous response as a result of which we are launching CSAT comprehensive course this year in January itself.


1- full coverage of syllabus
2- daily question practice
3- comprehensive tests included
4- one to one sessions with faculty
5- team of IIT IIM graduates with 99.95 percentile in CAT
6- previous year CSAT questions covered
7- tips and tricks to increase speed in CSAT
Why you should join?
Because we are launching it at the most affordable price of Rs 3000 for first 50 students. After that price will be 10000. You will not get a team of experts at such a low price. Secondly if you start practicing early you can identify your mistakes and sort it out before prelims.

You can also join our official Telegram channel and subscribe to our YouTube channel for free content for UPSC Preparation.

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