Daily Current Affairs Quiz 30 Dec 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz

30 Dec 2021

1. Q.)- With reference to Deep Dive Training Programme, consider the following:
1. It is a nation-wide adaptive scuba diving programme for people with disabilities as well as the able-bodied.
2. The programme is launched by Ministry of Water Resources.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


2. Q.-National Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index, is released by which of the following organization?


3. Q.) India has partial capital account convertibility. This implies that
1. Private foreign denominated debt needs to be met by either private export earnings or India’s forex reserves.
2. India will have a negative sovereign credit rating.
Select the correct answer code:


4. Q.-Which of these factors is usually accounted for by International Credit Rating agencies to evaluate India’s credit rating?
1. Rule of law
2. Current account balance
3. Control of corruption
4. Political stability
5. GDP growth rate
6. Sovereign default history
Select the correct answer code:


5. Q.-Consider the following statements.
1. India is the largest recipient of both Foreign remittances and Foreign Direct Investment.
2. Foreign remittances constitute around 10 percent of India’s GDP.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?


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