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National Health Policy for Rare Diseases of 2020

Context: The Delhi High Court on Thursday directed the Centre to finalise the National Health Policy for Rare Diseases of 2020 by March 31 and make operational provision of crowdfunding envisaged under the law for treatment of high­ cost rare diseases.

Topic in the syllabus: Prelims – Health, Govt Policies, Schemes.

What are rare diseases?
  • It is a health condition of low prevalence that affects a little number of people compared to other diseases in the general population.
    • They may be chronic and life-threatening.
    • Many of them are believed to be genetic.

About the policy (yet to be finalised):

  • The policy has not yet finalised.
  • It has mentioned some broad roadmap, includes
    • creating a patient registry for rare diseases,
    • fixing a definition for rare diseases that are suited for our country,
    • taking legal and other measures to check, to control the prices of their drugs.
  • It intends to start a registry of rare diseases, maintained by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • Under the Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi scheme, the help of Rs 15 lakh will be provided to rare diseases patients suffering. The treatment will be only for the beneficiaries of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana.
  • Under the policy, there are 3 categories of rare diseases, they are –
    • those needs long-term treatment but at a low cost.
    • Requiring one-time curative treatment (osteopetrosis and immune deficiency disorders etc.)
    • those needs long-term treatments at a very high cost.

World Gold Council

Context: Gold demand in India hit a25­year low at 446.4 tonnes in 2020, compared with690.4 tonnes in 2019 due to the COVID­19 induced lockdown and on account of record-high prices, India
office of the World Gold Council said.

Topic in the syllabus: Prelims – Economy

What is the World Gold Council?

  • The world’s leading gold mining companies are the members of the World Gold Council.
  • Headquartered – London United Kingdom.
  • It helps its members for responsible mining and developed the Conflict-Free Gold Standard.
  • For the gold industry, it is the market development organisation.
  • It aims to stimulate and sustain the demand for gold.
  • It publishes research that state gold’s strength as a preserver of wealth – both for investors and countries.
  • WGC provide an analysis of the gold industry.
  • It also gives insights into the drivers of gold demand.
  • WGC has offices in India, China, Singapore, Japan and the United States.

Important news in short

  • External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar said recognition of “mutual respect, mutual sensitivity and mutual interests” was key tore pairing India ­China relations, after what he called a year of “exceptional stress” in a relationship “profoundly disturbed” by the border crisis.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that more ‘Made in India’ COVID­19 vaccines are on the way to help speed up the world’s vaccination efforts, and India’s economy will help global growth recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.

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