Daily Prelims Newsletter(UPSC)|29 April 2021 | RaghukulCS

Daily Prelims Newsletter For UPSC
| RaghukulCS

29 April 2021

Table Of Contents

Governmental Initiatives
  • Large Area Certification scheme 
International Relations
  • Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) 
Places in News 
  • Andaman And Nicobar Islands
  • Persian Gulf Region 
  • Ukraine 

Governmental Initiatives

Large Area Certification scheme

Why in News?

Recently, a large area UT of A&N Islands has become the first large contiguous territory to be conferred with organic certification under Large Area Certification scheme.

About the Large Area Certification scheme:

  • It was launched by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare under its flagship scheme of Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojna (PKVY)
  • It is a unique certification programme to harness organic growth potential areas.
  • Under LAC, each village in the area is considered as one cluster.
  • All farmers along with with their farmland and livestock must adhere to the standard requirements and on being verified as such get certified en-mass.
  • The certification is renewed on annual basis through reverification by a process of peer appraisals.
  • Benefits of LAC:
  • As per the established norm of organic production systems, the areas having chemical input usage history are required to undergo a transition period of minimum 2-3 years to qualify as organic.
  • During this period, farmers need to adopt standard organic agriculture practices and keep their farms under the certification process.
  • On successful completion, such farms can be certified as organic after 2-3 years. The certification process also requires elaborate documentation and time to time verification by the certification authorities.
  • Whereas under LAC requirements are simple and the area can be certified almost immediately.

About Organic Farming in India:

  • Globally, India ranks first in number of organic farmers and ninth in thearea under organic farming.
  • Sikkim became the first State in India to become fully organic.Other States like Tripura and Uttarakhand have set similar targets.
  • North Eastern parts of India has traditionally been organic, and the consumption of chemicals is far less in these areas than rest of the country.
  • The major organic exports from India:
    • Flax seeds,
    • sesame,
    • soybean,
    • tea,
    • medicinal plants,
    • rice,

  • pulses, etc.

International Relations

Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI)

Why in News?

Trade and Commerce ministers of India, Japan and Australia have formally launched the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI).

About SCRI:

  • It aims to create supply chain resilience aiming to eventually attain strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth in the region.
  • Initially, it will focus on
    • sharing best practices on supply chain resilience,
    • holding investment promotion events,
    • providing opportunities for stakeholders to explore the possibility of diversification of their supply chains.

Objectiveof SCRI:

  • Attract FDI to turn the Indo-Pacific into an economic powerhouse.
  • Build mutually complementary relationship among partner countries.
  • The SCRI also aims to reduce dependence on Chinafor supply chains in the Indo-Pacific region amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Places in News

Persian Gulf Region

Why in News?

Recently, India and Iran engaged in a tense encounter in the Persian Gulf.

About Persian Gulf Region:

  • Countries around Persian Gulf: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • Members of OPEC: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia are members of OPEC.

    Andaman And Nicobar Islands:

    • A&N Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal.
    • The main islands under the A&N Islands are:
      • North Andaman
    • Andaman group of Islands are separated from Nicobar group of islands by 10-degree channel (due to presence of 10-degree latitude).
      Middle Andaman
    • South Andaman
    • Little Andaman
    • Car Nicobar
    • Little Nicobar
    • Great Nicobar
    • South Andaman Island and Little Andaman Island are separated by Duncan Passage.
    • There is The Grand Channel present between the Great Nicobar Islands and the Sumatra islands of Indonesia.
    • The Coco Straitlies between the North Andaman Islands and the Coco Islands of Myanmar.
    • Port Blair, in South Andaman Island is the administrative capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
    • The southernmost point of India,‘The Indira Point’, the located on southern tip of the Great Nicobar Islands.
    • Geographically, the A&N Islands are a part of the fold mountains protruding out of the sea.
    • These mountains form a link with ArakanYoma mountains of South east Asia and Sumatra.
    • The highest peak of A&N Islands is Saddle Peak, located in the North Andaman.
    • The Islands are famous for the largest and rarest species of crab, the Giant Robber Crab. It is distinct since it can climb the coconut trees and break the hard shell of the fruit.
    • Barren Island, located in the east of Middle AndamanIsalnd is India’s only active volcano.
    • The Narcondam Island, located in the north-east of North Andaman Isalnd is also geographically a volcanic island.


    Why in News?

    On April 26, Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day was observed.

    About Ukraine:

    • Location: Eastern Europe
    • Surrounding Countries:Ukraine is bordered by Belarus, Russia, Moldova Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

    Surrounding Seas: Sea of Azov, Black Sea.

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