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Essay and Ethics are the two most important factors which decide your selection and your rank as well. Unfortunately you cannot cover both of them through books, they require a good sense of answer writing and use of examples as well. In both of these papers if you use bookish language and try to go into too much detail you tend to score less marks. This is the reason why many lawyers score low marks in any Polity based Essay and a person having geography optional might score low marks in a geography theme based Essay. Same is true for Ethics as well, people with Philosophy optional or Pubad optional or Psychology optional doesn’t necessarily score good marks in it.

The answer is simple: Write in a simple manner! Yes you read it correctly , but simplicity comes from a deeper level of understanding. As Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” . These papers test your level of understanding and how you can articulate them well in a limited time and space and use a simple language which the examiner can understand in a limited time. 

So what are the Main points to be kept in Mind while writing an Essay :

  1. Simple language
  2. Use Real life Examples wherever Possible
  3. Identify your type – Story based, Quote based, Argumentative etc
  4. Memorise few quotes and sayings
  5. Limit Yourself to 2-3 paragraphs per page
  6. Give 1 page for Introduction and 1 for Conclusion
  7. Chose that topic in which you do not have too much or too little Knowledge- Buddha’s Madhyam Marg
  8. For more Information Watch the Video: link

Few Points related to it are :

  1. Use Real Life Examples
  2. Definition based approach
  3. Follow madhyam Marg in case studies – Ethical
  4. Link it to current affairs, History, and Society Topics
  5. For more Details Watch: Link
Here are a few of our students who scored exceptionally well in these two papers this year. Soon their strategy videos will be out too.

Ethics and Essay are one of the most important papers for selection of an UPSC Aspirants. Their syllabus is not well defined but everyone claims that they are easy. Everyone teaches you these things but no one guarantees that they know a method to score good marks. We at RaghukulCS are helping aspirants here. Sandeep sir himself has scored one of the highest marks in these areas during his attempts and now his students are repeating the same from past 2 years.

Ethics Course 2022

Payment Option for Ethics Course 2022

Payment Link or Scan QR Code[Fee 5180/-]

Note - Classes will begin from 15 th June

Essay Course 2022

Payment Option for Essay Course 2022

Payment Link or Scan QR Code[Fee 5180/-]

Note - Classes will begin from 27 th June

  • 10 Classes, 4 Test and reference material will be provided
  • Detailed one to one discussion after every test
  • Live Doubt Clearing Session and Personal Feedback