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Essay Test Series for UPSC

We are getting a lot of messages and email regarding Mains test series, see it will be too early to start, what we want is basically to create a market place for checkers and students. See the problem is that most of the major institutions they hire students to check your copies, sometimes these are those students who fail to clear prelims and have not practised essay writing, so they are not sure of their approach. We are trying to bring transparency and connect evaluators to students directly by cutting down the hefty fees. In visionIAS you pay 8000 for 5 tests, similarly for ForumIAS. We cannot start mains test series for now, but for essay and Ethics we are bringing test series programme. For now the details of Essay test series are as follows:

  • Instead of all test combined , we are launching individual Essay Evaluation.
  • the test paper will have 2 sections consisting of 4 options to chose from
  • Notes on the topics and fodder material will be provided
  • One to one discussion with the checker.
  • Complete refund if evaluation is not done on time and if you are not satisfied


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