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Ethics Course and Test Series

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Since UPSC prelims is delayed and time between your prelims and mains might reduce due to CORONA Virus issue, it’s not a time to relax, watch netflix or Amazon Prime. A serious candidate whose aim is to become IAS or IPS or IFS or IRS will be working extra hard to make sure he clears everything in this attempt, working on his weaknesses so that he can do wonders this year. UPSC Prelims is the toughest nut to crack but it is mains which decides your rank and people score exceptionally well in mains, so much so that they make interview irrelevant such as your ROMAN SAINI, RACHIT RAJ or PRATHAM KAUSHIK.

                                                       It is time to know about your strength and weaknesses , if you are weak in prelims study that, if you are weak in optional go for it, but in this time of uncertanity you should pick up short topics like Essay Ethics or some portion of your optional. Essay and Ethics have same weightage as your paper 2 and 3 but we spend our entire energy on them and give very less time for Essay and Ethics. The good thing about both of them is that they are very short and once completed ensures good marks unlike paper 2 and 3. Keeping this in mind we are launching Ethics course and Test series

Ethics Content Enrichment cum foundation course

Ethics course will begin from 10th /12 June. It will cover all basic books and notes in the market:

  • Lexicon
  • Subbarao- Only Important Chapters
  • DK Balaji Book on Ethics
  • Lukmaan Notes
  • Vision Notes
  • Case Studies- 100+ topicwise segregated
  • Harvard University- Basic Guide to Ethics
  • BBC Ethics
  • Examples from Newspaper
  • Previous Year paper Discussion and Solutions
  • 7 classes before your mains for revision 
  • 4 classes for current Affairs before your mains
  • Mindmaps Key Concepts
  • 30+ Classes
  • Videos Will be available till your mains 2021

Rs 1999

Striclty 50 students so that daily on call discussion can happen

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Detailed Schedule

A Comparison of Similar Plans in Market

Lukmaan Ethics courseFoundation Course – 27000
Enrichment course – 16000Click HereSynerygy IAS Course – 25000
Test Series 6 test – 9000Click Here
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Ethics Test Series Basic Plan

UPSC Ethics Test Series
only 30 admissions

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