Q.) Once the fight broke out between the two friends Rahul and Rashid in the district where you have been
posted as SHO. Suddenly the fight took a communal turn. Various violent elements were involved in a fight and it got
media coverage also. However, the families of Rahul and Rashid have very good relations and they want to solve
the issue mutually. But as it took the communal turn, the situation became very sensitive and the involvement of
local political parties makes it worst.

In this both, the families come to you and requested not to file a case as it might damage the career of
Rahul and Rashid. On the other hand, one of your superior, who is close to the MLA of that district, want you
to file FIR against Rashid only.

a) Analyze the ethical issues involved in the case.

b) What action as a SHO will you take to solve the case?

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