Que 1) Raju Rastogi is a second year student in an engineering college. He belongs to a poor family and is the
only hope for a bright future for his family. A fight has broken out between two groups of students on some
minor personal issue in college. Raju along with his friends is part of one of these groups. The fight has led to the
destruction of college property and has brought bad name to the reputed college.
Raju has been caught red handed while damaging the college property by the administration but because of his
good academic record has been offered a deal. If Raju admits his mistake and also becomes the witness against
his friends, he will not rusticated and only minor punishment will be given to Raju’s friends who are the regular
offenders and college administration is just looking for a chance to expel them from the college.
What are the different options which Raju has and what decision will be the most correct one in this situation?
Give appropriate reasons for the choice Raju shall make?

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