Q.) You have been posted as a Superintendent of Police in Uttar Pradesh. One of the accused of rape
recently killed by police as he was firing at police to escape. However, this has been appreciated by the local
people and the precedent of execution without trial has been set in the society.

This led to the killing of a few people accused of rape by the crowd. You have been tasked by the state government to stop the immoral and illegal acts by the crowd. When you introspect the situation, you found that some of your subordinates are also in the favour of the crowd and didn’t prevent the crowd from killing the accused as earlier the daughter of your subordinate has been raped.

It has created lawlessness in the society and even the innocents have been killed.

a) In such situation what are the options available to you? Explain merits and demerits of each option.

b) Which option you will choose to solve the situation?

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