Que. 1) You are an honest person who is posted as the Joint Secretary in the Defence Ministry of India. Your ministry
is negotiating with an international defense equipment manufacturer for procuring new weapons for the army.
While going through the files, you found that the final price decided to be paid by India for the new machine
guns is much above the actual cost of these guns. In fact, there are many other nations that have paid much less
for the same guns. When you went deep into the deal, you found that even an integrity pact has not been signed
while giving the contract.

When you informed about the same to your superiors, you are asked to keep your mouth shut as the deal has
been directly negotiated by the Prime Minister Office (PMO). Also, the army needs these guns urgently and any
intervention now will lead to huge delays in the procurement. Faced with this situation, what will you do?
Critically examine various dilemmas involved and explain what your responsibilities are as a public servant.

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