Que ) It’s a festival of Makar Sankranti and the whole country will be celebrating it in different forms. On one hand, women will be celebrating it by exchanging sweets, on the other, children and men will be celebrating it by flying kites and playing loud music on their terraces and rooftops.
However, the Central Government has released an advisory to ban flying kites as the recent study suggested that hundreds of people get killed every year because of the Manja (threads) which is used to fly kites.
You have been given the responsibility of state of Rajasthan to reduce the accidents caused during this festival and ensure complete ban on flying kites. However, the people are adamant to buy and fly kites. Thus, the illegal markets have come up for selling kites and manja.
a) Analyze the situation from the perspective various stakeholders.
b) What steps you will take to bring the attitudinal change in people to solve above situation?

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