Number Of Session
It holds 15 days of classes.
Course Fee
For first 30 students the fee is just 999.
Else 2999 /- only
This Module is valid upto Prelims related to your doubts & mentorship.

Hello UPSC Aspirants, Welcome to RaghukulCS.


( A course , covering static in line of current,  framed in accordance of Changing UPSC pattern, delivers more comprehensive &same time preparation of Polity )

Features of Course –

Very comprehensively covering each dimension of Polity section in Prelims, this unique course holds following features –

  • Covering Static portion of Polity from M.Laxmikant along with 1.5 year current affair .
  • Provides Precise and small handouts for revision.
  • Covers previous year of Questions based on topic.
  • Total 500 + MCQs topic to topic basis & also after completion of course.
  • 15 days of classes with Mentorship twice in week.
  • If needed, then Doubt clearing session.

What is the Role of Polity in prelims ?

The UPSC syllabus for prelims states ‘polity and governance’ as important topics. Polity is an important topic at all the three stages of exam, be it Prelims, Mains or Interview. The significance of the subject is carried forward, even when you get into the service. It forms an important part of administration.

Polity is basically the structure of the government. It includes the entire government machinery, the system that runs the government. 

So, one has to be abreast with the local happenings in and around you. A sense of awareness is created in the mind of the common man – about one’s rights, duties, responsibilities and help him/her to take an informed decision. It also helps in holding the Government accountable for failing to serve its people.

What are shifting trends for polity in GS1 of prelims ?

A look at the past five years UPSC prelims GS I question papers reveals that the number of questions on polity has been on the wane. But come 2017 and the number shot up to 23 from a mere 7 in 2016. This only goes to show that you cannot afford to skip any section which is considered important.

      Since 2018 UPSC has been giving more emphasis on Current based Static topics in Prelims related to polity & Few Qs were even very basic as seen in 2020 paper. Hence covering each dimension with proper relevance is tough task and making selection more tougher.

Why This course ?

We, RaghukulCS, have very good teachers who has been in UPSC & cleared it many time handling  the changing pattern. Based on their analysis related to GS 1 paper of UPSC prelims we come up with this course.

       This “Prelims Polity Module” holds features which are in line of UPSC demand as –

  • Related Current will be covered in accordance with Static part of Polity.
  • The relevant area, which can be asked in Prelims will be covered only so reducing your time of study & More time for revision.
  • Deep analysis wrt to Articles and Supreme Court decisions so that any Qs on basis of that , should not be left out.
  • This will develop a approach of handling the polity Qs in prelims and will highlight the common mistakes of yours, related to handling the Qs.
  • This will develop, a holistic but to the point view when reading the Qs& also giver you the comprehensive idea about relating the topics with that Q.
  • We, have very limited seats hence, We’ll be able to pay the proper attention to each & every Subscriber.
  • Mentorship talks will boost you adding more effort in your study.

Fee & Validation –

  • For 1st 30 students the fee is just 999/- ( Including all taxes).
  • There are 15 lectures planned hence after that till prelims doubt clearing and mentorship will run so that maximising the chances.

How to enroll?

You can pay on the given link-

Your payment is the confirmation of admission. Details shall be mailed to you on 19th evening.

For any queries you can contact on the following numbers:

1- Mobile- 7827025162/ 8920791129

2- Email –[email protected]

3- For any technical query: –7774077181

4- Contact timings: – 11AM to 5 PM


Thank You

Team RaghukulCS

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