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o Ethical issues
▪ Sensationalization of stories – Nirbhaya case

▪ Commercialization of media – In a recent seminar the former Chief Election
Commissioner (EC), SY Quraishi, revealed that the EC had identified 371 cases of
paid news in the lead-up to the state elections.
▪ Use of insensitive or hateful language – India Pakistan Reporting, Nepal
▪ Irresponsible reporting – For example, the same was seen in the reporting of
‘26/11 terror attack’, which to leakage to sensitive information.
▪ Violating Right to privacy
▪ Media-politician-corporate nexus – The Radia tapes, conversations recorded by
revenue authorities between corporate lobbyist Niira Radia and a number of
senior journalists and leading politicians, highlight the prevalent nexus.


o Recently, the Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana said- “certain sections of the media
communalized everything, and this would ultimately result in giving the country a bad
o Media Ethics Include
▪ self-restraint
▪ preserve and promote the trust of the people
▪ maintain their own credibility
▪ not betray the faith and confidence of the people.
o Principles to be followed
▪ Seek Truth and Report It
▪ Minimize Harm – A direct corollary of minimizing harm is to protect the privacy
of the people involved and adhering to the general standards of taste and
▪ Act Independently – This translates to refusing gifts, favours, fees, free travel and
special treatment, and avoiding political and other outside activities that may
compromise integrity or impartiality
▪ Be Accountable and Transparent – This implies that media organizations are
open to criticism and scrutiny and at the same time take responsibility for their

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