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Welcome to your Daily Answer Writing 22 Mar 2021

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1) How the Vehicle scrappage and replacement is seen internationally as a route to rejuvenate COVID-19-affected economies by privileging green technologies, notably electric vehicles (EVs). Discuss how the scrapping policy is seen as an initiative to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century under Paris Agreement commitments?
2) “India’s social inequality keeps a significant section of the population poor forever despite the country’s impressive economic growth.” Critically evaluate.
3) Justify the need for FDI for the development of the Indian economy. Why there is gap between MOUs signed and actual FDIs? Suggest remedial steps to be taken for increasing actual FDIs in India
4) Discuss how the move to render the elected representatives to function with lesser autonomy marks the taking back of the right of Delhi’s citizens to vote for those they deem fit to administer them?

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