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Welcome to your Daily Answer Writing 26 Feb 2021

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1) In the light of recent controversy of election issues ranging from shifting party alliances to unpredicted results, what are the challenges before the Election Commission of India to ensure the trustworthiness of elections in India?
2) “The river of power politics seems to be a great cleansing purgatory where the stains of defections are rewarded as heroic exploits. The voters too seem to forgive and forget as all the defectors in MP got re-elected.” Discuss.
3)“Free speech in the assembly has been held by the judiciary in numerous cases to be ‘absolute’, ‘unfettered’, and ‘sacrosanct’, limited solely by rules of procedure and express Constitutional restrictions.” Explain.
4)Critically analyse the need of Social media regulation in the light of Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.
5) “Education is the right of every Indian. It is an umbrella under which every individual should feel safe and identify with the prevalent system.” Discuss the statement considering the recent National Education policy 2020.

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