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RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program

RaghukulCS 2021 Guided Mentorship Program for UPSC Aspirants

UPSC prelims 2020 has shattered the dreams of many, but what is the root problem- is it the UPSC or us? You cannot blame UPSC since they just have to reject candidates and therefore they can throw anything , the only thing that we can do is to be prepared for anything. But the main question is how? There are aspirants every year who target Indian Forest Service Examination and they clear that cutoff which is usually 15- 20 marks above UPSC Cutoff.

If your Aim is to clear IAS Prelims Exam the major focus should be on getting 20 marks above cutoff or atleast 120. Why 120? Because it removes that ambiguity , even if something goes wrong or some questions are based on interpretation then also you can clear prelims.

After receiving 1000s of call the one thing that we figured out is that people lack proper guidance and discipline in their preparation. To bridge this gap RaghukulCS brings to you the 2021 guided mentorship program where you will get a constant handholding and regular engagement with your mentors. How this program is unique?

We at RaghukulCS always believe in giving value for your money. Its not that once you take our course and then we leave you in the wild. This program is designed to give you that personal attention which you miss in those big institutions.

You will be guided by people who have secured a rank or who have given atleast 2 interviews. They will tell you what to read, how to read and how much to read. Not just that it included tips and tricks for solving MCQs , regular sessions by Officers, CSAT strategy and answer writing guidance as well.

The mentors will be like Chanakya for you, all you have to do is follow their wisdom and trust them.

Following are the :

  • Regular monitoring and monthly report card
  • Reward and punishment for not sticking to timetable
  • Tips and trick for MCQs
  • Constant monitoring and guidance for UPSC 2021
  • One stop solution for what to read, how to read and how much to read.
  • Frequent interaction with mentors
  • Timetable and weekly, monthly targets to achieve your target in a timely manner
  • Regular engagement with selected officers and subject experts to get your doubts cleared.
  • Monthly current affairs classes for few important topics of Prelims.

2021 Mentorship Program Schedule

Payment Link For Mentorship Program 2021

classroom program

It is designed for those who are really weak in their foundations or who do not have time to prepare notes or read full NCERTs. This classroom program is a pre cum mains mixed program where you will get answer writing practice on current affairs and solve MCQs.

You will also get classes covering prelims and mains current affairs in a comprehensive manner. Apart from that you will also get classes for static portions of UPSC Prelims , where all the basic books will be covered. It includes monitoring as well as classroom program.

P.S- Currently test series is not included in this program as we working on making quality MCQs and once we are satisfied only then we will roll out Prelims Test Series.

  • NCERT and basic books prelims specific notes
  • Short notes of current affairs for Prelims
  • Mains related data facts and examples
  • Weekly Answer writing practice- Themewise
  • Special classes on Essay and Ethics- Strategy and Approach.
  • NCERT and basic books based classes.
  • Previous Year questions of GS 1 and GS 2- Analysis and Approach.

Payment Link For (Classes + Mentorship) Program 2021 for 2 Months

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