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Daily Editorial for Mains 28 Jun 2022

Daily Editorial For Mains | RaghukulCS 28 June 2022 – Tuesday Indian Economy Index Table of Contents Ethical Online Trading The way we travel, amuse ourselves, learn, shop, communicate, and even get our food is drastically changing as technology flattens the planet. There are clear winners and losers as a result of how this has


DAILY EDITORIAL (UPSC) |28 Jan 2021| RaghukulCS

Emphasising self­reliance in science Source: The Hindu Written by: C.P. Rajendran(professor in the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru.) Topic in the syllabus: Achievements of Indians in Science & Technology; Indigenization of Technology and Developing New Technology. (GS-3) Analysis about: This editorial talks about the issues associated with the new Science policy draft, 2020 released