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Hello UPSC Aspirants, Welcome to RaghukulCS.

Last year (UPSC Prelims 2020) was a tragic year for many, We personally know many candidates who scored more than 110+ in paper 1 but their dream of writing mains and becoming an IAS shattered after the results.

Year after Year UPSC is making CSAT really hard, so much so that one of our students from MNIT Bhopal failed in CSAT and many engineers for whom it was a cake walk failed to score the bare minimum marks.

They say that overconfidence sometimes ruins you and in UPSC where you have to wait for 1 year just because of your simple mistake or “Overconfidence”. UPSC prelims is a tough nut to crack and many deserving candidates who can score good marks in mains, fail to clear prelims even once in their entire UPSC journey. Last year we ran a short program for CSAT due to paucity of time, but because of its good reviews and also starting it too late, we thought we will not take CSAT lightly this year.

That is why we have a team of IITians and IIMians to teach you CSAT in the best possible way.

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UPSC CSE Prelims Previous Year Questions Pape What are the major problems that students face in CSAT

  • They think that it is all about maths which only a maths student can do!

  • They are weak in calculation or logical arrangements

  • Poor exam temperament

  • Lack of practice

  • Lack of speed

  • Lack of good questions

  • Lack of proper guidance because CSAT is not CAT or bank exam, neither it is State PCS.

So the barrier between you and your dreams are these 7 points and just think, if a doctor can crack CAT through practice and if people from arts background and without any academic achievements can crack Bank PO exam, can’t you crack CSAT and become an IAS officer?

To take away this fear RaghukulCS brings to you UPSC CSAT 2021 batch, some of its features are:

  1. Mentorship with faculty- Once a week

  2. Topper’s talk (CSAT 150+ scorers)

  3. CSAT strategy building program 

  4. Topic wise classes

  5. CSAT oriented questions in line with UPSC standards

  6. In class practice- Focus on solving as may questions in class as possible

  7. Practical approach and not formula oriented

  8. 5 CSAT test and discussion classes included after the course

  9. Brief handouts on CSAT will be given

  10. All classes will be completed by Mid April, so that you can practice and focus on GS later.

Class details:

  1. 25 classes on reasoning

  2. 25 classes on Quant

  3. 5 classes on reading comprehension

  4. 1.5 hours classes + 30 min discussion

  5. 1000+ questions will be covered in class

  6. 1 hr mini test- twice a week

Download Detailed Schedule from here.

Link- Click here

Mode of Payment.

Entire CSAT programme with test will cost you around 2999 Rs Only 

Total Cost – 2999 + 18% GST = Rs 3539

Payment Link- Click here

This price is valid for first 50 enrollments only after that the price will be  Rs 10000

Total Cost – Rs 10000 + 18% GST =10180

Discount is applicable only for first 50 enrollments, no call will be entertained thereafter.

Your payment receipt confirms your admission.


  • You will get access to the course 1 day before the schedule, if you face any issues you can contact on 7827025162/ 7774077181 /8920791129

  • Please call between 11 AM to 6 PM, not before or after that.

  • Query mail- [email protected]